2D Animation:

Current favorite for Viral videos – 2D Animation is a creative way to illustrate your companies marketing campaign or new product.  2D Animation projects use compelling images to drive a powerful story.

2D Animation includes: Viral Videos, Character Animations, Illustrations or Photomatics

  • Storyboarding, Sketching
  • Illustration, Photo enhancing
  • Character Rigging
  • Compositing

3D Animation:

Add instant credibility to your marketing strategy – 3D Animation is a powerful tool to sell products, create brand or enlighten potential clients.  Animation is only limited to your imagination.

3D Animation includes: Product Visualisation, Character Animation, Mechanical Visualisation or Architectural Walk-Through

  • Modeling using Blueprint or CAD Data
  • Texturing
  • Rigging
  • Lights & Camera
  • Compositing

Motion Design:

Graphics define your corporate identity – Create an entire new look for your company or update your current brand.  Make your graphics pop with animated motion design that captures the intended audience. 

Motion design includes: Animated Logos, Moving Backgrounds, Lower Thirds or Compositing

  • Developing or adoption of existing corporate identity
  • Matching of on air design with brand idendity
  • Deconstruction and Animation