Corporate Products and Services

Corporate Identity Films

2-minute branding video – A Corporate Identity Film is an effective way to express the value and ambitions of your company. Perfect for customers, stakeholders and employees to absorb your message.

  • 2 minutes in length
  • Interview with company spokesperson
  • ½ day shoot at your company
  • Integrated graphics & company logo
  • Music to enhance your message
  • Filmed in HD

Web Shorts

30-second marketing piece to drive visitors to sales – Entice prospective buyers with a hard-hitting 30-second spot that makes your product essential and compels viewers to take notice.

  • 30 seconds in length
  • Animated Graphics in your corporate style
  • Photos
  • Music & Audio Mixing
  • Editing & Design Titling
  • Professional Voice Over

Client Testimonials

Use existing customers to promote your business – They say it once on camera and it is viewed by the masses. Take advantage of the number one tool in sales by capturing satisfied clients on film.

  • 30 seconds to 1 minute in length
  • We interview your client on location for minimal inconvenience
  • Only 30 minutes of production are required for the actual interview
  • Using our 10 years of interviewing experience, we generate questions that illicit your dream responses
  • Experienced camera operator and director present who is considerate and tactful
  • Filmed in HD

Internal Training Videos

Raise the proficiency of your workforce or increase awareness and motivation - Time is money. Lower your bottom line expenditures by training your employees via web or DVD, with employee access anytime, anywhere. (on location, length based on content)

  • Product Training
  • Health & Safety
  • Workforce & Management Communication
  • New Hire Induction

Marketing Videos

Comprehensive marketing video designed to beat the competition and dominate your business sector.

  • Optimum running time determined
  • 1-3 days of production based on budget
  • Concept & script development to determine creative approach
  • HD filming
  • Editing based on script to produce a compelling visual story
  • Animated graphics & titling
  • Music customized to fit your video
  • Professional voice over (optional)
  • Outsourced to DVD & web files

Product Videos

2-3 minute product demos for sales staff and booths – Your product is ready for market; excite sales staff and customers with a short captivating video that highlights all the bells and whistles of your product.

  • 2-3 minutes in length
  • Script Development
  • ½ day to full day shoot
  • On-Camera Personality or Professional voice over
  • Stylized graphics & titling
  • Music & Audio Mixing
  • Filmed in HD